STEEL the party ® !

Made from infinitely recyclable steel, Chill-CupsTM keeps the party going
with its sturdy, reusable, and
recyclable design.

Chill-Cups Packing Container

about steel chill-cups ? what’s so great

Infinitely Recyclable

You can always feel good about choosing Steel Chill-Cups™ thanks to steel's superior recyclability.

Chill to The Touch

Our signature 'Chill' feel delivers a great new frosty drinking experience - the perfect partner for a sunny day!

Rinse & Refill

Sturdy design lets you use them more than once making Steel Chill-Cups™ a better value while reducing environmental impact.

Steel Chill-CupsTM Stack Up Better -
For Your Parties While Also Supporting Recycling Infrastructure

Thanks to its inherent strength and magnetic qualities, steel is the #1 most recycled food can which makes it the ideal material for almost anything disposable. In fact, because it's infinitely recyclable, more than 75% of all steel ever produced is still in use today. That's why Steel Chill-Cups™ are the better option for disposable party cups, especially when compared with single-use plastics.

Steel can with green recycle logo in background
58% Steel Can Recycling Rate: 2022 Can Manufacturers Institute

How are you going to use your Steel chill-cups ?

Reach The Peak Of Picnic
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Gather Greener
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Better Your BBQ
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